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Vincent Nunes

Keynote and Workshop Presenter

for Early Childhood Education

"Vincent is a consummate writer and performer who knows his audience. Great continuity and variety of styles. The lyrics are filled with love, fun and positive values"

- KidsFIRST!

Video Introduction to Vincent
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Among the most rewarding things I do is professional development programs, especially Keynotes and Workshops. I love meeting folks dedicated to nurturing and educating young children. We understand each other. Our future is in the hands of our children. I can't think of a more important job.

- Vincent Nunes

A musician of Portuguese descent, Vincent composes and performs original, interactive music for children.  His seven nationally distributed CDs have won numerous national awards, including the Parents’ Choice Award, the NAPPA Award, the Children’s Music Web Award, the Tillywig Award, the Parents' Pick Award and Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award. His most recent CD, Smart Songs for Active Children, just received the 2015 Family Choice Award.  He has performed across the country and is a frequent presenter and keynoter at teacher conferences from Massachusetts to California, and from Texas to Michigan, including the annual conference for the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

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